Company Mission

The ambition of CresTechnologies is to be reliable. The aim is to be ranked first in value to its Clients and the markets we serve. To know our industry better than all else. To secure mutually beneficial business rather than have a much larger business at the possible sacrifice of quality.

Who We Are...

CresTechnologies' specialization is spelled out in its name:

Engineering and

We are an engineering company that serves the Powder Processing Industry in the specialty chemical, mineral, food and pharmaceutical markets.

We are thermal processing engineers and offer the best equipment:

High Temperature Calciners
Spray Dryers
Rotary Dryers
Fluid bed Processors
Flash Dryers
Indirect and Direct Coolers

We are a full service organization bringing our skills to your production floor in the form of:

Process Development
Existing Equipment Upgrades
Replacement Parts
Maintenance & Service Contracts
Contract Manufacturing

What We Do...

Our experience makes CresTechnologies the premier engineering asset to any Client who requires assistance in upgrading their existing production capability. This assistance comes in the form of process development, production enhancement, equipment supply and maintenance services.

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CresTechnologies, Inc.
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